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Flashcards Generator for GRE Prep

When preparing for competetive exams which test you on English, you might require to remember the meanings of lot of words which you normally don't use in daily usage. One good way I found for preparing for such exams (GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT etc) is to have pieces of paper in which I write words on one side and meanings on other and keep looking at them from time to time during the course of the day. I thought generating those pieces of papers which are sometimes called Flashcards, automatically would be good and useful for others, Hence this program.

You will basically get Flashcards with words on one side and their meaning and example usage on the other side, provided you print the PostScript file you get by running this program, one page on different sides of the same paper and manually cut the paper into 6 pieces.


You should have PERL (any version will do, I guess) and a module called PostScript::TextBlock. You can always get the recent version of the module at (search it at CPAN). That's all!


Since you are reading this file, you should have got a directory called grevocab. It should contain the following files :
Just get into that directory. Edit the script and change the first line to wherever your perl executable is located.
Just type ./
You should be getting the file, which you can print on two sides of the same A4 sized paper. Once you get the printout, you should be able to figure out how to cut them into six pieces.
It also creates a file .written which contains the words you already have printed. If you would like to startover, you can delete the .written file.
That's all folks!


Its a simple enough program for a reasonably good perl programmer to fix any bug that might show up. If you are not a reasonably good perl programmer, then contact me with bug description at Manjunath


Please send me a mail if you happen to use the program, so that I can be gratified.